Pop, Rock, Funk

4’10 ft and fit to slap some funk and attitude in some pop face! This young Korean American pop artist hails from Minneapolis, MN. After a summer of touring the Midwest, Europe, and South Korea, MAYDA is just released her second full length album entitled, Tusks in Furs with the help of world-class drummer, Michael Bland, DJ Chris Neviator, Sonny Thompson, and Tommy Barbarella (Prince, Soul Asylum, Nick Jonas & the Administration…). Teaming up once again with producer, Bland and company, the album will continue the new brand of funk pop that remains to be a mystery to name yet rightfully belongs to the self-taught songstress herself.

MAYDA’s music has been featured locally (KARE 11, KSTP, The Current 89.3 FM, 107.1 mytalk FM) as well as nationally (The Rachael Ray Show, KFC, MTV Real World DC episode 3, The Jersey Shore, The Real L Word, Weeds, Good Morning America, Bad Girls to name a handfull). She has written the signature blog song for KARE 11’s news show as well as KFC’s online advertisement for Teriyaki Wings.

Stereotype EP (2007)
The Interrogation (2008)
Eyes On The Water EP-digital release (2009)
Tusks In Furs (Sept. 7, 2012)

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