Tim Cheesebrow

His latest album “The Well-Traveled Uknown,” released early 2019, is a collection of driving beats and catchy tunes that ride the line between rock and country. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Tim brings a distinctly mid-western sound to his songwriting. Listeners can expect powerful vocals, interesting percussive guitar work, and wonderfully crafted songs with singable melodies and meaningful lyrics. A seasoned performer, Tim has been captivating audiences for 20 years with a prolific library of original music. Fans have described his style as a mix of Jackson Browne, The Eagles, Dave Matthews and Zac Brown Band.

“Tim Cheesebrow’s voice is both gentle and strong, vulnerable and confident in his album, Somebody, Somewhere, a delicately unassuming collection of songs which take their time and are a fine example of what can result when music is allowed to be molded carefully, crafted by hand, and guided by heart. This is a solid Americana/country-rock album.” – The Ark of Music, online music review http://thearkofmusic.com/tim-cheesebrow-somebody-somewhere/

You Will Never Walk Alone is so well crafted and warmly produced that I almost forgot to review it the first time around. The underlying sentiment of the song is beautiful, valuable and important. The song has depth and is reflective in an honest and emotionally human sort of way. That meeting of the professional side of music making and the open, authentic side of being an artist has been really well captured. Tim Cheesebrow has written a great song and it’s highly likely that the rest of the Somebody, Somewhere album will follow suit.” – Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman Review https://stereostickman.com/reviews/tim-cheesebrow-you-will-never-walk-alone/

“Once you hear Tim Cheesebrow’s ‘You Will Never Walk Alone’, you will fall in love with his unique style of Country music! Nothing tops beautiful music like this!” – the Ratings Game, online music review https://ratingsgamemusic.com/2017/12/15/tim-cheesebrow-you-will-never-walk-alone-review-stream/

“Tim Cheesebrow’s lyrics come straight from the heart, possessing a poetic quality to them as they unfurl with such a graceful style. Nothing is held back for Tim Cheesebrow creates a unique universe, one that positively teems with goodwill and tenderness.” – Beach Sloth, online music review http://www.beachsloth.com/tim-cheesebrow-you-will-never-walk-alone.html

“The songwriting is top notch, there is a good flow to the album and I really liked his voice….Cheesebrow certainly has a lot of talent in multiple areas and I look forward to hearing more. Recommended.”- Divide and Conquer Music Review http://www.divideandconquermusic.com/indie-music-album-reviews/tim-cheesebrow-somebody-somewhere

“The album is a classy blend of good production, well thought out lyrics, snappy rhythms, quality vocals, excellent guitar playing and a liberal dose of Great Lakes heart. I liked it a lot, and I’m betting you will too.”- John C. McClure – Victory Review Magazine http://www.victorymusic.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1437:tim-cheesebrow-the-moments-between&catid=82:current-month-reviews&Itemid=85